100 Days to Health – Day 030 | Thirsty or Hungry?

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100 Days to Health - Day 030 | Thirsty or Hungry?

Week 5 – Day 30

Tip for the Day

One of the most basic cravings we have, is to quench our thirst. When your cells in your body require water, they send a message to your brain, the brain interprets the message and your throat becomes dry. You then realise you are thirsty and you drink water. This signal is often confused with hunger. So try to drink a glass of water before you eat, just to make sure it’s not thirst. This is also a good way to start getting in tune with your body.

Everything happens in the body at a cellular level, when the cells have obtained enough water then they can function efficiently. All of this happens without us even really being aware of the work the body is doing ‘behind the scenes. As new born babies and young children most of us instinctively know how to listen to our bodies. As we grow older, we tend to forget how to listen and interpret the signals correctly.

A perfect example of this is how many of us enjoy the sunshine. Our bodies need it but only for about half an hour. When spending time in the sun our bodies will heat up and soon become slightly uncomfortable – asking us to cool down. Instead of getting out of the sun, some of us cool down in the sea or swimming pool and then force our bodies to spend more time in the sun. The results of this can range from basic sunburn to severe skin cancer. It seems to make more sense to listen to our bodies than force it to do something that in the long run could be harmful yo our body.

Respect the intelligence and wisdom your body was born with. Drink water as your first option, when thirsty or hungry, then drink other things or eat some natural food.


” When you are balanced and when we listen and attend to the needs of your body, mind and spirit – your natural beauty comes out.” 

- Christy Turlington

Recipe for the Day

Butternut and Spinach Lasagne

6 cups butternut, cubed

4 tomatoes, very ripe and chopped

4 spring onions or leeks, finely sliced

2 celery sticks, thinly sliced

500g spinach, washed and lightly steamed

Half cup ricotta cheese


1 cup cashew cream made with half cup raw cashews, water and our Garlic & Herb salt and a little mustard powder. Blend until smooth and creamy!

half cup cream or , almond, cashew or soy milk

Pinch of ground ginger 

Pinch of cinnamon

1 packet of lasagne sheets of your choice 

Mary-Ann’s Organic Seasoning Salt to taste

Gently simmer the butternut in a little water and the spices. Mash it and keep it aside. Dry stir fry the onions and celery adding the tomatoes last. Place half of the tomato mixture at the bottom of an oven proof dish. Cover with lasagne sheets, then layer the mashed butternut in, then spinach,ricotta and cream and then another layer of lasagne sheets. Repeat as many layers as you would like and top with grated uncoloured cheese or more cashew cream. Bake in a medium heat oven for 30 minutes. Serve with a salad of your choice.

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