100 Days to Health – Day 032 | Salt Cravings

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100 Days to Health - Day 032 | Salt Cravings

Week 5 – Day 32 – Salty Cravings

Tip for the Day

There are many people who do not crave sweet foods but rather salty or savoury foods. The most common reason we crave savoury foods is a lack of essential fatty acids in our diets. 

Your endocrine system cannot function without essential fatty acids. When trying to satisfy that craving for something salty, we generally eat foods which are also high in fats, such as fried chips, pizza and hamburgers.  The fats the junk food contains is heated, processed and toxic to our bodies. We need to eat the right kind of fats, which are essential fatty acids found naturally in avocados, olives, sweet corn, nuts and seeds and cold pressed plant oils. 

Nothing will work efficiently in your body if you lack these fatty acids. In Chapter 8 of Perfect Health I will give you quantities and explain exactly why we need good fats. In the meantime what you need to remember is every time you crave something salty, like cheese or fries, first eat some natural plant foods that contain fats. 

If you battle with cravings,  just remember what you learnt in Week 1 – Add good things and start all meals with raw foods, so start with the good food.. that will satisfy your cravings.


“The body never lies.” 

- Martha Graham

Recipe for the Day

Polenta Pizza

Slices of cooked and cooled polenta

Make by cooking according to instructions, spread on a board or table until ½ cm thick – cool and slice into large squares.  Suitable for 1 serving each.

•  Tomato and/or basil Pesto or homemade tomato sauce (made with 1-2 cups tomato puree, raw honey or fructose and Mary-Ann’s Garlic & Herb salt and some EV olive oil)

•  Fresh tomato slices

•  Olives

•  Asparagus

•  Mushrooms

•  Capers

•  Artichokes

•  Red peppers or other vegetables, you like.

Top with a selection of vegetables and organic mozzarella cheese or cashew cream) if you wish and bake in a very hot oven (Over 200ºC) when hot, lightly browned and juicy remove and serve.


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