100 Days to Health – Day 033 | The Endocrine System

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100 Days to Health - Day 033 | The Endocrine System

Week 5 – Day 33 – Endocrine System

Tip for the Day

The Endocrine  (Hormonal) System, which influences every aspect of your health and well-being, is totally reliant on water. Sometimes when we think we are tired, and usually crave a ‘pick-me-up’ like coffee or tea, our bodies are indeed just thirsty for water. Water ensures that we stay hydrated at a cellular level. 

Learn to listen to your body.. Simply forcing water down your throat for just the sake of it will put unnecessary strain on your kidneys. 

Generally, the best way forward is to always drink water when you are thirsty or hungry and then the hot or cold beverage or meal, if you still feel like it.

With adequate water, all the systems in your body work at optimum levels to benefit your health. 


“Our own physical body possesses a wisdom, which we who inhabit the body lack. 

We give it orders, which makes no sense.” 

- Henry Miller

Recipe for the Day

Roasted Aubergine Salad

2 Aubergines(Brinjals/eggplant) – cubed & dry roasted in a hot oven

4 baby marrows (zucchini) – cubed & dry roasted

1 spring onion, finely chopped

4 – 6 fresh ripe tomatoes cubed

1 – 2 red peppers diced

½ tsp. Mary-Ann’s garlic & herb salt

3 Tsp. Olive oil

½ tsp. dried /1 Tsp. fresh basil

Lemon juice to taste

Combine and serve or blend and serve with rye or flax crackers, rice cakes or whole-wheat bread. 


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