100 Days to Health – Day 036 | Read Labels

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100 Days to Health - Day 036 | Read Labels

Week 6 – Day 36


Additives are the bodies invisible enemies – we can’t see them, often they are not listed on packaged food. 
Additives seem to adversely affect so many people, especially children. We are exposed to these food additives through any fast food and most manufactured food products. 
Although the amounts of additives used by manufacturers are legal, the combined effect of these substances can cause unnecessary discomfort and even pain in your body. 
I have found that one of the following is likely to cause trouble  for most individuals – Colorants, Preservatives,   monosodium glutamate (MSG) and the “Avoid at all costs” Artificial Sweeteners; Aspartame. You may in fact be following a relatively healthy diet but still suffering from some irritating illness that could be sorted out by removing additives.
The easiest thing to do is stick to natural foods and homemade products. 
MOTTO FOR THE WEEK“I will read labels and avoid harmful additives.”


Perfect Health – Chapter 9
Herbal Fibreblend 3 capsules daily with 2 glasses water taken on its own

BarleyLife - 3 capsules twice daily with water

AIMega - 3 capsules twice daily with water, can be taken with BarleyLife


Read the ingredients listed on all the labels of the food products you buy. 


Condiments Allowed – only with no artificial additives or sugar

Tinned or packaged food – nothing containing artificial additives or added sugar

Cold beverages Allowed – only 100% natural fruit juices, (like Ceres or Liquifruit) water and freshly extracted fruit and veg juices


Artificial Sweeteners

Sulphur dioxide

E200 – E220

Sodium metbisulphate or sulphites 

Sulphur dioxide

Sodium Benzoate


Additives are sometimes identified by the letter E, which is followed by a number. 
The letter E is the standard identification code in most countries and there are currently 5000 additives in use worldwide. 
Do your best to avoid harmful additives.
Food in it’s natural state is for best for us. If it has been preserved or coloured, has had the flavour enhanced or been irradiated, we are consuming processed food products. 
Raw food is the best diet for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Read the ingredients listed on the labels of everything you buy. It will cost you nothing and it will preserve your health.
Follow these guidelines from Day 37 to Day 43


If you are following these guidelines with our recommended products, you will notice its time to re-order the AIMMega product! These critical EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) are working overtime for you helping maintain your endocrine system, detoxifying your body, and helping you focus. 

If you are not already an AIM member, this is a great time to consider signing up. If you are seeing/feeling good results from the AIM products, singing up to be a member makes easy for you to re-order, as well as earn income if you want to create a small business with it. You can follow the directions here to sign up. 

Wake-Up: drink a glass of filtered water with 3 Herbal Fiberblend capsules. Always follow with a 2nd glass of water
Get moving for a minimum of 20 minutes today.

Increase by 5 minutes if you can and to reach a level of 30-60 minutes daily

Afterwards drink a glass of water and take 3 Aimega capsules. 
BarleyLife -  3 capsules.
Breakfast : before 10am
Start with a minimum of one portion of any fruit you like, have anything you like afterwards unless you’ve decided that breakfast is your one fruit meal a day, then try and include a handful of raw nuts or seeds.
Mid-morning : before 12am
Drink a glass of filtered water.
Remember your raw fruit or vegetable before you snack
Lunch : before 3pm
Start with raw vegetable or salad. No restrictions on what you eat afterwards, just watch out for food additives.
Mid-afternoon : before 5pm
Drink a glass of filtered water with 3 AIMega capsules and 3 BarleyLife capsules.
Remember your raw food before you snack on anything.
Supper : before 8pm
Start with a minimum of a side plate of raw vegetables or salad and then eat whatever you feel like after that.
After 8pm : Nothing but fresh fruit
If you feel like dessert it must be before 8pm.


Spicy Chips

Make oven chips as per recipe for “Healthy chips or Fries” (See week 20)

Season with Mary-Ann’s Seasoning salt and add the following,

2 tsp. mustard seed

2 tsp. Paprika

2 tsp. Cumin

Serve with mushroom burgers

Mushroom Burgers

Per Person:

1 large brown mushroom, seasoned with Mary-Ann’s Seasoning salt

Tomato Pesto or paste

1-2 slices tomato

1 lettuce leaf

2 slices whole-wheat, rye or polenta bread

Optional additions: Avocado, chopped spring onion, un-coloured cheese

Patties made from leftovers

To each cup of leftover potato or chips add the following

½ cup mushrooms or other veg.

1 Tbsp. Mary-Ann’s Tomato pesto or tomato puree

2 chopped spring onions

1 Tbsp. fresh or 1 tsp dried parsley and basil

Mary-Ann’s Garlic & herb salt to taste

Blend together in food processor by ‘pulsing’ the button, to prevent over processing the potato. Shape into patties and grill on a nonstick sheet or freeze between layers of greaseproof, until needed.

These can be used in place of the whole mushrooms to make burgers or served with vegetables and a salad.

Basic Avo dip

3 Ripe avocado, juice of ½ a lemon, Mary-Ann’s Herb salt to taste, mash with a fork.  Serve with raw vegetable sticks/crudités’ before the chips and burgers, or on the burger.

Malted Carob and Banana ‘milkshake’

500ml Soya milk, blended with 2 Tbsp. Mary-Ann’s Malted Carob and 3 frozen bananas.Serve in a glass.


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