100 Days to Health – Day 007 | Hydrate

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100 Days to Health - Day 7 | Hydrate

Week 1 –  Day 7 Already!

Tip for the Day

Congratulations!! You are 7 days closer to a healthier you.  

You are made uniquely, you are one of a kind and because of that you should never compare yourself to others. You deserve to look after yourself and that is exactly what you are doing on this program. 

thirsty-girl-drinking-waterPart of looking after yourself is to keep hydrated. We are seldom alerted to the importance, yet without water we would simply would not be able to use any of the nutrients that we ingest from our food. Dehydration can have a serious impact on our bodies considering that they are made up of approximately 60 percent of water. 

The more raw fruit and vegetables you consume, the less water you will need to drink as they provide most of the fluid you need. Bearing this in mind, you should aim to drink at least 5 glasses of water a day as water is vital to out physical health and mental well-being . . .

Remember this as we move into the second week.


“Always concentrate on how far you’ve come, rather than on how far you have left to go.” 

- Mary-Ann Shearer

Recipe for the Day

If you are not in the mood for making a salad you can also drink a glass of freshly extracted vegetable juice.

Tomato and Red Pepper Smoothie

2-3 large ripe tomatoes, seeds removed

2-3 large red bell peppers, seeds removed

Place in the blender, add 1-2 cups ice and Mary-Ann’s Organic Herb Salt to taste. 

Blend until smooth.

Carrot, Celery, and Tomato Juice

For each person take the following and extract the juice in a juice extractor:

5 carrots

2 tomatoes

1-2 sticks of celery

Celery is highly alkaline-forming and naturally high in sodium (an alkaline mineral) which adds flavour to savoury dishes. 

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