7 Stages of Disease

By Mary-Ann Shearer

Disease normally progresses through varying stages. We have identified the 7 stages of disease. if you are experiencing them, this will help you understand how to respond.

Stage 1  –  Enervation

This means tiredness or exhaustion. An extreme state of enervation is “nervous exhaustion”. Sleep regenerates nerve energy. Lack of sleep, on-going stress and an unhealthy lifestyle all contribute to enervation.

Stage 2  –  Toxemia or toxicosis

The body produces a lot of toxic by-products such as Carbon Dioxide. If the body is overloaded with an unhealthy lifestyle, these waste products build up. Natural Hygiene explains that un-eliminated RNA and DNA result in disease and are diagnosed as viruses by the medical profession.

Stage 3  –  Irritation

Irritation results from the un-eliminated waste products being sensed by our central nervous system. When we feel unsettled, itchy, queasy, jumpy or uncomfortable without being able to detect the source, irritation exists. Excess mucous or an itchy nose is a form of irritation. Substances like alcohol, caffeine or cigarettes can trigger irritation of the body.

Stage 4  –  Inflammation

This stage is recognizable usually by pain and or redness and swelling. Any condition ending in “itis” such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, appendicitis is a form of inflammation. Running a temperature would fall into this stage.

Stage 5  –  Ulceration

This stage develops if stage 4 is not dealt with and usually means mass destruction of cells. Lesions or ulcers occur anywhere in the body. This condition usually results in pain.

Stage 6  –  Induration

Induration is when the body tries to patch itself up. Scarring and hardening of the tissues result. Very often the body will wrap cells around toxic substances which then hardens and a tumor is formed.

Stage 7  –  Cancer

The final stage of disease takes place and cells start to behave independently and multiply. Cancer results. Cancer, as you can see, doesn’t just appear. It starts with enervation. If you don’t listen to your body and correct the condition as it progresses, cancer will be the end point.


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