AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

By Mary-Ann Shearer

“Modern ‘scientific’ medical practice relies very largely on medicines whose ultimate effect is to impair the patient’s immune system. This is no secret, no great discovery. It is discussed in all the relevant literature. But it has never seemed significant until today when the world is faced with an epidemic rooted in a pervasive crippling of the immune system. The drugs synthesised since the end of World War II have achieved their end – the antibiotic sterilisation, more or less, of patients’ bodies, at the expense of the immune system, and AIDS is the last stop on the line. The immune system cannot be undermined indefinitely without a price being paid. The chickens have come home to roost.”

Harris L Coulter Ph.D. (AIDS & Syphilis: The Hidden Link, 1987)

I will go into a lot of detail in this section as I believe that the above quote and the information below is the basis for all immuno-deficiency related diseases today.

What do AIDS, Yuppie Flu, and the Common Cold have in Common?

  • They all reflect a state of diminished resistance to infection. In other words, a state of lowered immuno-competence due to a weakened immune system, and reduced vitality.
  • They are all lifestyle-related problems insoluble by traditional medicine.

A run-down state is a direct result of harmful habits, wrong diet, overwork, stress, late nights, and so on, which, according to degree, can soon reduce a vigorous young person to chronic fatigue and a depleted Immune System.

AIDS: What it is not

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the modern world, and perhaps millions in third world countries, who are thought to have AIDS. This is simply because they “test positive” for the feared and supposedly deadly retrovirus called HIV. Most of these people are in average health, not displaying the sickness of the syndrome, which is the S in AIDS. So how on earth can someone without a syndrome be said to have the syndrome (A syndrome being a condition or state of health)?

AIDS is a syndrome, and if you don’t have the syndrome you don’t have AIDS.

Moreover, even if it were true that HIV was the cause of AIDS (and this has never been more than supposition as will be shown), the fact that antibodies to the virus are detectable in someone’s blood does not mean they harbour the virus at all. On the contrary, as with all other viral diseases, it means that the body has in the past encountered the virus and has mounted a defence against it. For example, when you have measles antibodies in your bloodstream, it indicates that you were exposed to that disease and have successfully combated it. Usually this indicates future immunity to the disease.

That some of these HIV positive people, particularly those in the high-risk category (those busy destroying themselves), will eventually display AIDS is only to be expected. But that does not prove anything other than that their high-risk behaviour is responsible. It is a fact that even in the high-risk group, less than three per cent of “AIDS-antibody positive” people have proceeded to develop “full blown” AIDS. How many of these were taken over the brink by destructive medical procedures, and the associated paranoid fear of their death sentence? The typical paranoia associated with the “deadly AIDS virus” was displayed on one occasion in Sydney when a policeman, bitten in a struggle with an AIDS suspect, later in abject fear shot and killed himself with his own service pistol!

 The Medical Definition of AIDS

There has been a great deal of confusion among doctors as to how to diagnose AIDS. This is no wonder, when it is considered that most of the information on the subject released by the so-called AIDS establishment is based on pure supposition. A virus is supposed to be the cause, but can hardly ever be found; antibodies to the virus can be found in most cases but not in all cases. People with the antibodies mostly don’t get sick, while some without antibodies do. So, setting aside the theory of the virus as more or less irrelevant, the “official” method of diagnosis has been on the basis of whether a patient had one or more of the classic symptoms:

  • Pneumocystis pneumonia
  • Kaposi’s sarcoma
  • Cytomegalovirus, or others of the AIDS complex or chronic fatigue syndrome

As already mentioned, any of these could get you an AIDS pronouncement if you happened to be a male homosexual or an intravenous drug user. For anyone else, a diagnosis would be made in an unbiased fashion and be called simply pneumonia, hepatitis, or perhaps chronic fatigue.

As this method of diagnosis is at best only an “educated guess”, a new system has been adopted by which a patient is defined as having AIDS if their T4 (also called CD4) lymphocyte level falls below a certain figure. Thus, a person without a syndrome will be decreed to have the syndrome simply on this account. However, even if at this stage the diagnosis is wrong, it won’t be for long. Fear takes hold and the destructive medical drugs get to work. A patient’s already compromised immune system can only get worse. Fear alone can reduce a patient’s normal T4 cell count by over fifty per cent, from 494 to 234 in one week. This new method of diagnosing AIDS would appear to be based on just as shaky a foundation as the “official” AIDS theory itself.

Medical “maverick” Dr. Laurence Badgley of San Francisco has had as much experience personally helping AIDS patients as anybody, and is the author of two books about it, Healing AIDS Naturally and Choose To Live. About T4 cells he has this to say:

“People with AIDS must learn that much of what they are told about AIDS is mere speculation, i.e. theories. The idea that the virus invades white blood cells, called T4 helper cells, and destroys them is one such theory. This theory and myth has been presented to the public as fact. The idea that a diminished number of T4 cells is the critical factor in the development of AIDS is another such theory. The idea that a number of T4 cells below 200 is the magic measure of whether a person should start taking AZT is a pig-in-the-poke choice of numbers.

In my own medical practice I have a few patients who have had less than 50 T4 helper cells for months and years and they haven’t become weakened or ill with serious infections. On the other hand, one patient who followed a natural therapy had a T4 increase from less than 100, to over 600, at which time he developed pneumocystis carinii pneumonia.

T4 white blood cell counts are intimately related to mental focus. One of my patients was without symptoms and went to another doctor for an “AIDS test”. The doctor did the test, which was positive, as well as the T4 helper cell count, which was 494 and normal. Upon learning that his antibody test was positive, the patient went into a tailspin of depression and fear. One week later he returned to the doctor because of his anxiety, and his T4 helper cell count was taken again. After one week of depression and no other symptoms, his T4 cells count fell over 50% to 234.

This intimate relationship of the mind and body raises a question about the true nature of the AIDS epidemic. It is not far-fetched to postulate that much of the immune system depression among AIDS-test-positive patients might be the result of doctors telling them that it is likely they will get AIDS and die. The brain is a giant immune system gland that operates on hope, joy, and optimism. The gland turns off in response to mental attitudes of fear and depression.

The question is raised as to how many people are dying because they have been programmed to die. The observation is made that doctors who tell their patients they have a terminal disease are programming their patients to die. The charge is made that these doctors are performing malpractice.”

AIDS: What It Is

AIDS is a state of illness characterised by depleted vitality, and a progressive increase in severity of a number of opportunistic infections. All of these factors are associated with a more or less complete breakdown of the immune system. The name AIDS is an acronym for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and although this title also accurately describes the condition called chronic fatigue syndrome (the two syndromes differing only in degree), it is applied only to the more severe, more or less final stage. Again it must be made clear that the mere trace of a suspected viral infection (HIV or any other virus) does not constitute AIDS, nor does it mean that AIDS will develop.

“None of the infections which together constitute AIDS are new to medicine; what makes AIDS a ”new” disease, just as ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are “new”, is the unusual appearance of a number of the symptoms at the same time or in close succession. That Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Aids are “new diseases” is not because new strains of viruses have evolved, it is because a new lifestyle has evolved, availing to an already semi-sick society the additional potential for destruction: permissiveness, junk food, promiscuity, and a bewildering array of drugs both medicinal and “recreational” – a lifestyle reminiscent of that which led to the decline and fall of ancient Rome, only using drugs instead of wine and food.”

Ross Horne, “Health Revolution”

Medicne/Drugs a Factor

The evidence that medical drugs are a major, if not the major, factor in AIDS is overwhelming. Dr. Joan McKenna, Director of Research, T&M Associates, Berkeley, California, has researched AIDS since 1981. She began by searching all the medical literature of the past for reports of illnesses displaying AIDS-like symptoms.

One report she found was on an epidemic of Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (PCP) among children in European orphan asylums after World War II, when the children had been given penicillin and terramycin to protect them from infections. According to McKenna:

“PCP is one of the classic symptoms of AIDS and is the main denominator in AIDS diagnosis. Pneumocystis Carinii exists dormantly in all healthy humans and becomes pathological only when the immune system is selectively damaged.

The outbreak of PCP among the orphans was not due to contagion, but due to the individual damage caused to the children’s immune systems by the very drugs designed to protect them.”

Thus it became evident to Dr. McKenna that the habitual prolific use of antibiotics by some homosexuals was the main common factor among all the factors involved in AIDS.

Dr. McKenna Medical History Analysis of 100 Homosexual Men

  • Gonorrhoea: There were multiple incidents, up to twenty a year, treated with antibiotics.
  • Hepatitis: There was high incidence, some chronic.
  • Non-specific Urethritis: There were multiple incidents, sometimes chronic, perhaps six or seven episodes a year, with increasing doses of antibiotics as antibiotics became less effective.
  • Dermatological Eruptions: These were treated by continuous use of antibiotics, tetracycline, and corticosteroids for five to eighteen years.
  • Psychological Conditions: For these were taken sedatives, tranquillisers, and mood drugs.
  • Chronic Sore Throat: More than fifty per cent reported frequent episodes treated by antibiotics.
  • Herpes Simplex: Twenty-five per cent reported chronic herpes, ninety per cent herpes within the past ten years.
  • Allergies: There were high incidences, both chronic and severe, treated by allergy medications and symptomatic suppressants.
  • Lymphadenopathy: Frequent to chronic swollen lymph glands were reported in forty per cent of cases.
  • Diarrhoea: There was high incidence, with various treatments.
  • Recreational Drugs: There was a nearly universal use of marijuana, multiple and complex use of LSD, MDA, PCP, heroin, cocaine, amyl and butyl nitrites, amphetamines, barbiturates, ethyl chloride, opium, mushrooms, and “designer drugs”.

Dr. McKenna said that out of the 100 men, a quarter shared nine or more of these conditions, and the only ones out of the 100 diagnosed as having AIDS or ARC, all came from this smaller group.

She went on to describe the grotesque damaging effects of the various antibiotics and added that although “recreational” drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, “poppers”, etc. are all immuno-suppressive, and therefore major co-factors in AIDS, “they should not deflect attention from therapeutic drugs whose immuno-suppressive impact, all in all, is probably far greater”.

Antibiotics and AIDS

The dangers associated with antibiotics have long been known, but this knowledge has not prevented careless and prolific use of them in the treatment of patients who are totally unaware of the dangers. In 1975 Dr. Maynard Murray, MD BSc, of Fort Myers, Florida, and a practising physician and physiologist for forty-five years, said in his book Sea Energy Agriculture (Valentine Books, 1976):

“Despite drug industry propaganda, these new medicines are fraught with shortcomings, and the long-term effects may prove them more harmful than beneficial.”

Dr. Finland and his colleagues recently examined Boston Hospital records covering a period of 24 years in order to evaluate the long-term results of wonder-drug therapy. They learned that wonder-drugs had reduced the death rate from infection caused by pneumococci and streptococci, but there had been an increase in deaths due to infection from bacteria which previously were considered harmless. This is what happens with AIDS.

Reliance on antibiotics to combat infectious diseases is to live in a fool’s paradise”, noted Dr. Finland.

Thymus Gland

The measure of damage to the immune system by which the progression of AIDS is assessed, apart from the obvious symptoms, is the count of white T-cells in the blood; the lower the T-cell count, the poorer the outlook. There is a simple watertight explanation of why AIDS patients display diminished numbers of T-cells, and in some cases none at all: long-term, destructive living habits, especially the use of drugs – including medicinal drugs – so overtax the immune system that the thymus is gradually destroyed, and as the thymus is the only source of new T-cells in the body, when the old T-cells wear out, there can be no new ones to replace them. An additional demolishing effect on the immune system, and specifically destructive to the thymus, is severe emotional stress, an illustration of which has already been given. Autopsies of AIDS patients show that in every case the thymus is severely atrophied.

Children and AIDS

That explanation being correct, the question arises why do some children have AIDS? To answer that, it must be emphasised that a lot of people are said to have AIDS simply because they test positive to HIV antibodies. This is not AIDS, nor does it mean AIDS is likely. Children with real AIDS are born with defective immune systems, usually of mothers who are, or have been, drug addicts. It now appears that the majority of children that test positive at birth, test negatively within a few months or years. This must indicate that the condition is reversible. Obviously the children are unable to continue with the Immuno-suppressive lifestyle of their mothers and they then recover, why would this differ in adults? Haemophiliacs, no matter how “clean-living”, are at risk of AIDS because for a start, they have been born with defective systems. Transfusions and the associated constant trauma of medicinal drugs, combine over a long period and are destructive to the immune system. Even transplant patients on immuno-suppressant drugs, to prevent tissue-rejection of their new organs, frequently display AIDS-like symptoms, which only makes sense – if you set out to depress the immune system, what would you expect?

USA vs. Africa

According to Drs. Peter H Duesberg (a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley) and Dr. John Yiamouyiannis (Ph.D. biochemistry), AIDS in the USA and Europe is caused by the long-term consumption of immuno-suppressive, recreational drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, and poppers or nitrite inhalants, and by protein contaminants in blood transfusions. They also include other immuno-suppressive drugs such as AZT, Ibuprofen, imipramine, indomethacin, chloramphenicol, cortisone, prednisone, anabolic steroids, Premarin, methyldopa or Aldochlor, Valium, Opren, Darvon, amoxicillin, and Procardia, as well is chemotherapeutic drugs used in the treatment of cancer.

As for the African epidemic, they propose, it is the consequence of malnutrition, parasitic infections, and poor sanitation due to a rapidly growing population and a declining food supply. Some researchers claim that the regular use of marijuana by African people eventually destroys the Immune System.

In South Africa for example the highest incidence of HIV Positive people is in Kwazulu Natal and the highest users of marijuana is also in Kwazulu Natal.

The right diet to Avoid AIDS

One has to ask the question, “What are we not seeing?” when looking at how HIV is being treated. I have dealt with many people who have recovered from all symptoms just by following a healthy high raw diet. Of course they are likely to remain HIV positive as the have been exposed to the disease or virus, just as you would be if you had measles.

On the other had every single person I have dealt with who has taken medication of any sort for HIV/Aids has died, within a few months to a year.

The only diet to follow is one that will help the body to build up or boost the immune system, i.e. a 100% raw fruit, vegetable, nut, and seed diet. A little cooked vegetables and unprocessed starches eaten with raw vegetables can also be included. A complete overhaul of not only diet, but also lifestyle and general approach, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally is needed.

For more info on how to live a healthy lifestyle read Perfect Health: The Natural Way”, “Healthy Kids – The Natural Way”, “Perfect Weight – The Natural Way” and do “The Natural Health & Nutrition Course”. “The Natural Way – Recipe Book 1 & 2” will help you prepare delicious, nutritious and fun foods and meals.

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