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The benefits of signing up for AIM membership

The reality is that using AIM products promote health in a way no other products seem able to replicate. Highly nutrient dense food, grown organically, harvested optimally, and processed quickly isnt easy, or common. They have perfected it. Many people who love their products benefit significantly from AIM membership. The cost savings are DRAMATIC. Here is a list of the current (Oct 2014) retail vs member prices, coupled with the potential rebate/commissions on products.

AIMMembership Savings Basic


Being a member would get you significant savings:

  • Just taking BarleyLife monthly would save you up to $21/mo (if you are at the maximum membership level of Director).
  • Taking the GardenTrio and AIMMega monthly would save you close to $60/mo (if you are at the maximum membership level of Director).
  • Using ProPeas, Garden Trio, and AIMMega, essentially satisfying a tremendous portion of your daily micro nutrient requirements, as well as Essential Fatty Acids, and Plant Based Protein, you would save up to $74/mo (if you are at the maximum membership level of Director).

The reality is, if you intend to take AIM products regularly (and The Natural Way uses these products as the foundation of it’s program), AIM membership is an incredible savings even just at the member price, before any additional rebates or commissions.

Building a Business

Some people find the opportunity to take their interests and passions for health and nutrition and use AIM to build a business out of it. This opportunity can be tremendous, and AIM is very aggressive at rewarding sales and organization building.

The Bottom Line

It’s certainly true that it is not everyone’s objective or goal to build a business, and it doesn’t need to be. There is plenty of incentive to become an AIM member either way. Saving lots of money while having access to some of the most nutrient dense, naturally healthy food on the planet is a great thing.

We are happy to help sign you up with our AIM membership (you can do it yourself by following these instructions), and even help you develop a business using our resources, support, and content. Feel free to Contact Us, and let us help you get started

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