Allergies and Hay Fever

By Mary-Ann Shearer

Addressing Allergies and Hay Fever The Natural Way

Allergies occur when the body alters its normal immune response in some way, due to the presence of an allergen.

The body responds to allergens in two ways;

  •  In the case of “contact sensitivities” or allergies to nickel in jewelry or detergents for example, it is the lymphocytes and macro-phages, (White blood cells) which over-react.
  • In other allergies it is the antibody response, which appears to over react.

Allergies and Antibodies

The role of antibodies in allergies only became well known in 1967, when the antibody IgE was discovered and associated with hay fever. IgE is made mainly in the nasal and throat areas and the gut. When these IgE molecules cross-link with other cells such as mast cells and basophils, histamines are released. This histamine is what causes the reaction in hay fever and the soreness and itching. Response to an allergen may be delayed or immediate and is an over reaction by the Immune system to and inhaled or ingested allergen.

Allergy vs. Intolerance

Allergy and intolerance is often used interchangeably but allergy involves an Immune response and is more severe, whereas intolerance is thought not to involve the Immune system and is generally less severe. Usually the result of irritation to the body by the substance. Such as in a dairy intolerance, the mucous membranes are irritated.

Whether you have an allergy or an intolerance is not the issue and as the physiology behind it is not totally understood. It is important to find out what is causing the response and deal with it, so that you can get on with living. Deal with the cause rather than treating the symptoms.

Almost anyone today can suffer from either allergy or intolerance and these problems appear to be getting worse. To make it even more difficult to deal with, the symptoms may change, as we get older. A baby with eczema may ‘grow out’ of it and become an adult with hay fever.

Allergy Medication and Symptoms

Taking medication may initially ease the symptoms but do nothing for the cause. All medication used in treating allergies and hay fever will have a side effect.

Some of these being peptic ulcers, muscle disorders, stunted growth in children, bone disorders – including loss or poor development of teeth, diabetes, mental disturbances such as depression and euphoria and suppression of the symptoms of an infection resulting in it becoming advanced.

The medication most commonly used is from the corticosteroid family. These hormones are made by our adrenal glands naturally, but when administered are manufactured in a laboratory. The natural version has no side effects, the artificial many side effects.  The fact that adrenal hormones are used to ease the symptoms is an indication that the adrenal glands are not producing enough of these hormones, when we have an allergy or hayfever.  This could be due to a variety of reason such as stress, (stress taxes the adrenal glands) a poor diet or even a good one just lacking in a vital nutrient such as essential fatty acids, or even lack of sunlight or exercise. Often when you go on holiday you feel better and the symptoms are less is because you have less stress and more sunlight.

Managing your lifestyle and finding the balance is therefore essential.

Caring for our Adrenal Glands

The adrenal glands are part of the important endocrine or hormonal system and therefore we will focus on what we can do to help this system function more efficiently.

  • Exercise:  Helps 16 different hormones work better.
  • Sunlight: Helps the endocrine system work more efficiently.
  • Stress management: If you don’t manage this your adrenal glands suffer. Learn to plan for the future live in the present and learn from the past.
  • Relationships and emotional poise: Forgive, forget, and move on. Develop a thick skin.
  • Spiritual well being: Faith in God results in good health, read a Proverb from the Bible every day.
  • Mental well-being: Scientists have found that people who continually learn and extend their brain, live longer and are healthier. Write down 3 things you’d like to learn then start.
  • Meaningful work:  Hating your work can cause stress and make you sick
  • A healthy diet:  Follow a high plant based alkaline forming diet, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Make sure you are getting the total range of nutrients by following the 5 steps
    • Removing the following
      • Alcohol (combine food correctly)
      • Refined sugar
      • Artificial sweeteners
      • Heated fats
      • Too much animal fat (more than once a day)
    • Include  the following
      • Plenty of foods containing vitamin C (The adrenal glands need a lot of this)
      • Sufficient essential fatty acids. Check out the AIMega product from AIM
    • Remove the most common allergy producing foods and re-introduce them once your life is in balance:
      • Gluten: Wheat, oats, rye & barley
      • Dairy products especially those containing protein such as milk, cheese and yoghurt
      • Processed foods
      • Preservatives and food additives such as Tartrazine (read the chapter on additives in Perfect Health: The Natural Way)
      • Nuts, especially heated and processed with sugar or salt
      • Vinegar (Dr Beiler says vinegar produces excess mucous by irritating the mucous membranes- also formed in bad combining)

A healthy digestive tract fights allergies

Dr Jeffrey Bland in the book, “Digestive Enzymes” suggests that, faulty digestion is one of the major causes of allergies. Based on research by Dr W. A Hemmings and now generally accepted as the problem, “leaky gut syndrome” appears to be the single most common contributing factor to allergies and intolerance.

Leaky gut is when partially or incompletely digested protein molecules are absorbed directly from the intestines into the blood stream. The body then responds by producing antibodies to these ‘foreign’ proteins and a reaction results. The Immune Soldiers in the blood stream get rid of the undigested food, but in doing so they make antibodies to it, treating it as an antigen.

Once these antibodies are made to a food, the body is sensitised and makes more of them when that food is encountered next. The result is that antibody or antigen complexes are formed, some of which may go to the liver; but others are deposited in joint spaces where they activate neutrophils and a release a powerful free radical called SUPEROXIDE – this can cause pain and swelling in the joints and result in arthritis.

All the leaves of sprouted grains contain SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE, which destroys these free radicals (Superoxide). Sprouted organically grown Barley has one of the highest natural SOD levels of any plant, which would be one of the reasons people that suffer from allergies, hay fever and arthritis respond so well when taking BarleyLife. BarleyLife has the highest SOD levels of all dried barley leaf juice products

3 causes of bad digestion

There are 3 main causes of these proteins not being digested completely, resulting in strain to the digestive tract which in turn results in poor digestion.

  • Food simply cannot digest completely due to either poor food combination, insufficient chewing or eating under stress.
    • Combine your food correctly, see chapter 3 in Perfect Health: The Natural Way
    • Chew your food more efficiently
    • Avoid eating when under stress. Drink juices and BarleyLife to keep your strength up during stressful periods.
  • Another reason that is common cause is that you are secreting insufficient digestive enzymes. This could be from pancreatic insufficiency or stress. In this case it is suggested that you take Prepzymes (from Aim) with your meals.
  • Parasites can also contribute and sometimes even cause allergies and for this I suggest you take a course of Para90 (Aim)


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