A basic program to lose weight quickly

Lose WeightBy Mary-Ann Shearer

To lose weight quickly, you can simply follow this daily routine. In fact, this doesn’t need to be “going on a diet”. It is an effective daily lifestyle not just to lose weight quickly, but cure and avoid disease.

Upon Waking

A basic day would start with 1-2 tsp. or 3-6 capsules Barleylife and Aimega 3-6 with 1 tsp. Just Carrots and ½ tsp. Redibeets and a full glass of cold water.

This will help correct your endocrine system and get your weight moving

30 minutes later


A quarter cup of raw unsalted nuts or seeds with at least 2-4 pieces of fresh acid or sub acid fruit. If still hungry eat more fruit not nuts. Never go over the quarter cup of nuts but do include it every day or you will just binge if you skip the nuts. Keep all nuts in the freezer.

Mid Morning

Any sub acid fruit (1-2 pieces only)


Either fresh sub acid and sweet fruit (as much as you like but at least 2 pieces OR

A large fresh salad with an olive oil dressing with any cooked neutral veg

Grilled veg like butternuts, baby marrows, eggplant etc is delicious here or any steamed veg

No starch at this meal and if you add avo, leave out the olive oil

Mid Afternoon

Sweet or sub acid fruit ( 1-2 pieces) and up to a quarter cup of dried fruit (sulphur free) Rather eat a little every day that a lot every other day!

Evening (never after 7pm, best not after 6pm)

A large fresh salad, have either ½ an avocado or 1 Tbsp oil

If still hungry only have more salad.

No gluten, no sugar under any circumstances while on this program as both can interfere with your endocrine function and particularly gluten can cause constipation and weight gain.


Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, preferably outside with no glasses or lenses covering your eyes.


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