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Barley-GrassBy Mary-Ann Shearer

This is an excerpt from a newsletter sent in 2013 by The Natural Way

The other Green Stuff (as opposed to dollars or dope..)

What is it about green foods that is so beneficial to us as humans?

First, all these foods are extremely high in chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is similar in structure to hemoglobin and with chlorophyll comes a high level of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. As well, chlorophyll has a high alkaline forming effect in the body.

Therefore it is difficult to say that chlorophyll alone is responsible for the benefit experienced from green foods. What appears to be the case is that the higher the chlorophyll levels:

  • The higher the alkaline forming ability
  • The higher the antioxidants, minerals – like calcium
  • The higher the overall nutrients.

Chlorophyll and health

Research on the health benefits of chlorophyll has focused on the area of cancer (including treatment and prevention). This research got underway when damage to genes (or more precisely, to the genes’ DNA) by carcinogenic substances called aflatoxins (or more precisely aflatoxin B1, or AFB1), was found to be prevented by chlorophyll. Research studies in humans have found that damage to DNA by aflatoxin can be decreased as much as 55% through consumption of green foods containing chlorophyll. Prevention and treatment of liver cancer, skin cancer, and colon cancer are all being investigated in relationship to intake of chlorophyll-containing vegetables.

I have personally seen people with cancer take up to 12 tsp. of BarleyLife ( dried green barley grass juice) with a raw diet and recover from cancer.

Foods that contain chlorophyll

While all green plants contain chlorophyll A, and most vegetables that we eat contain both chlorophyll a and chlorophyll B, some vegetables contain particularly high amounts of total chlorophyll.

To understand how high in chlorophyll this amount turns out to be, compare the chlorophyll content of spinach to olives. Chlorophyll is one of the primary pigments in olives, but olives contain only 30-300 micrograms per ounce – 95-950mcg. per 100 gm. (about 1/1000th as much as spinach). Some olive oil producers deliberately allow leaves to be placed in the olive presses to increase the chlorophyll and “grassiness” of the olive oil.

All of the green vegetables – asparagus, bell peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green cabbage, celery, collard greens, green beans, green peas, kale, leeks, green olives, parsley, romaine lettuce, sea vegetables, spinach, Swiss chard, and turnip greens contain concentrated sources of chlorophyll.

The leaves of sprouted grains like wheat grass and barley grass contain the highest levels of usable edible chlorophyll, with wheat grass containing 0.1% and barley grass containing 0.855%.

Now perhaps you can understand why I only consume a 100% barley grass juice products (BarleyLife – which has consistently over the years had the highest nutritional levels of all the barley grass products on the market) . It contains not only more than 8 x its nearest rival, wheat grass, but it contains more calcium, iron, Superoxide Dismutase (an extremely powerful antioxidant found in sprouted leaves, vitamin e and a whole host of other nutrients. I do not like using a product that contains other green plants as it dilutes the very high levels in the barley grass. I know it looks and sounds impressive when you read a very long list of plants on the container of many products, but don’t be fooled, all it is doing is lowering the cost of the product and diluting the nutrient levels overall

The effect of cooking on chlorophyll

One of the primary reasons for the change in colour when green vegetables are cooked is the change in chlorophyll. What happens during this process is actually quite interesting..

The chemical perspective

Chlorophyll has a chemical structure that is quite similar to a chemical structure found within our red blood cells. A basic difference is the fact that this structure (called a porphyrin ring) contains an atom of iron at its centre when it is found in our red blood cells, but when it is found in plants, it contains an atom of magnesium at the centre. When plants are heated and/or exposed to acid (and when green vegetables are cooked and/or exposed to acid), the magnesium gets removed from the centre of this ring structure and replaced by an atom of hydrogen. (In biochemistry, the chlorophyll a gets turned into a molecule called pheophytin a, and the chlorophyll b gets turned into pheophytin b). With this one simple change, the colour of the vegetable changes from bright green to olive-gray. (The pheophytin provides a green-gray colour, and the pheophytin b provides an olive-green colour).

The practical perspective

The jury is definitely still out on the impact of cooking on chlorophyll. At one end of the spectrum, it’s totally clear that dramatic loss of chlorophyll occurs after prolonged cooking. In studies on broccoli, for example, about two thirds of the chlorophyll was removed after 20 minutes of boiling. Researchers have also determined that there are steadily increasing losses of both chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b when the boiling time for broccoli is increased from 5 to 20 minutes. However, at cooking times less than five minutes, the research is not as clear, and some studies suggest that brief steaming of vegetables like spinach actually increases the amount of chlorophyll that can be absorbed into our body.

Whenever when a vegetable is cooked long enough to cause a change in colour from bright green to olive-gray, we know that some of the chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in the vegetable have been changed to pheophytin a and b. This colour change is one of the reasons we need to cook vegetables for as little time as possible and at the lowest heat possible (such as steaming).

Practical tips

Overcooking is particularly important to avoid when it comes to chlorophyll, but with very short steaming times, the chlorophyll content of these foods is preserved, and absorption of chlorophyll from these foods may actually be increased. Consumption of these green vegetables in raw form is also an excellent way to obtain the health benefits of chlorophyll

As Barley grass juice is the most nutritious of these vegetables here is a detailed look at this amazing food.


BarleyLife is simply the BEST Green Barley Grass juice on the market

BarleyLife is Green Barley Grass Juice to the Rescue!

This is the dehydrated powder from the juice of sprouted, organically grown barley. Because of the sprouting process, there is no gluten in this product, so is suitable for gluten intolerant people. Barley grass juice is as much a whole food as any fresh juice. The most nutritious of these ( BarleyLife) is spray dried at room temperature and therefore maintains the complete array of nutrients, much in their original form. The barley leaves should be organically grown under stringent conditions, the crops rotated and then cut at a certain height when nutrients are at their peak, juiced and immediately spray dried.

BarleyLife is the only product I believe is processed like this.

Barley juice has been studied and researched for over 30 years and after looking at it for the past 14 years; I am now convinced that it can benefit a wide array of people.

Initially produced by Dr. Hagiwara, a pharmacist, who established one of the largest drug manufacturing companies in Japan in the 1950’s and 60’s. He became ill from mercury poisoning from years of continual exposure to the metal in his laboratory. Due to ill health he was forced to give up his company and spent the next few years studying the properties of plant foods, especially green plant foods. His research proved to him that sprouted barley leaves were the most beneficial green food to humans. This cured him of mercury poisoning.

Here are some of the substances isolated in the juice of the barley leaves:

  • 1983 a protein was isolated that has very strong anti-inflammatory qualities. This would explain why countless reports and letters I have read mention the great improvement in arthritis, gout and fibromyalgia.
  • 1985 another substance was reported that reduced hypercholesterolemia or unhealthy cholesterol levels. This research indicated that cholesterol would be reduced by up to 50%. Barley grass juice does appear to benefit people suffering from the problem of unhealthy cholesterol levels.
  • Other substances where found at the same time that resulted in a strong anti-ulcer effect, in particular stress driven stomach ulcers.
  • Anti-oxidants such as beta carotene, vitamin C and another isolated at the University of California in 1991, 2’-0-Glycosylisovitexin, are found in extremely high, but safe levels and these together with an enzyme called peroxides have been shown to be anti- carcinogenic and anti-mutagenic.
  • Peroxides actually breaks down and neutralizes Try-P1 and P2 a carcinogen in grilled meat and fish and 3-4benzypyrene, another carcinogen in tobacco. Therefore people who smoke or eat cooked animal products would reduce their risk of cancer. In fact anyone with cancer or trying to avoid it would do well on barley grass juice.I only use Aim’s BarleyLife, as it has consistently showed the best results with the highest nutritional levels.
  • SOD or Superoxide Dismutase has been isolated, which is an extremely powerful ‘anti-aging’ antioxidant. It converts a harmful substance called Superoxide, into water and oxygen, which is completely harmless.

Other beneficial elements of green barely juice

  • The water-soluble components in barley leaf extract, has been shown to be very effective in lowering or balancing blood sugar. Which would benefit diabetics and hypoglycemics.
  • Research completed at George Washington University found substances that protect blood vessels from damage.
  • In 1994, at the same University, a Vitamin E succinate was identified. This was shown to improve or modulate Prolactin and growth hormone. Prolactin is vital to breast feeding moms, so breast feeding Moms will benefit from taking barley grass juice.
  • Growth hormone will benefit children and those that are overweight. Growth hormone also slows down the aging process
  • Fatty Acid Oxidase, cytochrome oxidase, peroxidase, Catalase and Transhydrogenase are enzymes found in barley grass juice that help the decomposition of fats in the body proceed smoothly which also helps to promote correct body weight; without these enzymes, weight gain results.

I have seen a lot of cases where children and overweight people benefit tremendously from barley grass juice. (Children, not only from a growth perspective, but also from a general health perspective.) Children are very often picky eaters and may exclude whole food groups, such as green vegetables. This can result in them excluding a whole range of essential nutrients. Barley grass juice is a safe efficient way to get concentrated, balanced nutrients in a whole food form.

Obviously, one of the most active ingredients in green barley grass juice is chlorophyll

Chlorophyll bears a very close resemblance to hemoglobin. Dr Fisher, a Nobel prize winner used chlorophyll to cure anemia. Since then Chlorophyll has been used to successfully treat peritonitis, brain ulcers, pyorrhea and skin disorders Chlorophyll increases the function of the heart, the lungs, the intestines the uterus and skin.

Chlorophyll has been studied for its potential in:

  • stimulating tissue growth
  • stimulating red blood cells in connection with oxygen supply
  • reducing absorption of dietary carcinogens
  • removing carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide
  • anti-inflammation
  • antioxidant behavior
  • wound-healing

Chlorophyll loves Heavy Metal (the elements, not the music!)

Chlorophyll is also one of the most powerful neutralisers of heavy metals like mercury (from amalgam fillings) lead, cadmium, arsenic and cadmium. In fact many well known supplements contain these heavy metals like spirulina! These are environmental toxins that we are exposed to just living in cities and towns with motor vehicles and industrial pollution. Barley grass juice contains more than any other plant and that is one of the many reasons I take it.

Green Barley Grass Juice and Nutrient Density

Barley grass juice contains on average more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than other dark green leafy vegetables and sprouted grain, to maintain excellent health. It is also a source of Vitamin B12. Barley grass juice is also an excellent source of Folic acid needed to prevent Spina Bifida. It has Lutein and Zeaxanthan both extremely powerful nutrients that help prevent macular degeneration and help eye function. Many people have reported to me that their eyesight has improved dramatically. Here follows a list of some of the nutrients found in BarleyLife the most nutritious barley grass juice products on the market. This is by no means a conclusive list of nutrients, just the most well known.

Chlorophyll is a marker of freshness. The amount of chlorophyll in a product indicates how green and healthy the grass was that produced it.
The amount of protein in a product reflects its level of enzymes and amino acids. Enzymes are markers of freshness and amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are the major constituents of every cell and body fluid.
SOD is an enzyme with powerful antioxidant abilities.
Peroxidase is an enzyme that reduces peroxide to water when SOD breaks down super oxide. Peroxidase is also a strong indicator of the freshness of the product.
Calcium is essential for bone development.
Vitamin A is an important antioxidant known to protect cells.

To sum up;

Green barley grass juice is a wholefood, rather than a fractured nutrient. The result is that it operates by promoting the best functioning of the body, rather than targeting a specific condition or symptom. It is beneficial for the following conditions or people:

People with Amalgam fillings (neutralizes mercury filings and or gas)
Obesity or weight problems
Skin problems such as acne
Libido problems
Auto Immune diseases such as Arthritis, Lupus
High and low blood pressure
High cholesterol
Heart disease
Retards Aging of cells
Assists the body in any inflammatory conditions
Smokers and drinkers (have found that they stop these harmful habits on their own)
Halitosis or bad breath (the chlorophyll is the active ingredient here)
Eyesight problems or infections , such as sties


 Here is a simple overview of BarleyLife

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