Blood Type Diet

By Mary-Ann Shearer

Based on your blood type group this diet excludes large groups of really good natural foods such as avocado and mangoes. This diet flies in the face of all nutritional research, which says that man is designed for a high alkaline forming plant based diet. (Dr Colin Campbell – Cornell University).

syringe-and-blood-vial 400The Blood Type Diet is bad news

The only diet that seems to benefit anyone in the book The Blood Type Diet is the one for the A type blood, but that’s because it is plant based with very little if any animal flesh or products.  The author of the book has not thought through this one well as he forbids sesame oil for example for A type, but allows sesame seeds! The oil comes from the seed so why is it okay in the seed but not when extracted?

Many people will of course benefit tremendously from removing gluten from their diets, and most of the blood groups are encouraged to do this. Consider that the biggest blood group is O type, followed by A type, which together make up over 90% of the population. This means that over 90% will benefit from gluten removal and nearly 50% of that from a plant based diet.

I believe the only reason people benefit is from the removal of gluten and processed foods. The exclusion of so many other natural foods can only be detrimental in the long term. The high protein diet recommended for O type people is extremely dangerous and can cause kidney damage, promote heart disease cancer and diabetes as well as osteoporosis and arthritis. How can a family who has parents and children of different blood groups all follow different diets without causing major reactions?

People like to feel unique, so this type of diet appeals to them. Next we will have the diet that encourages you to eat according to the colour of your skin. I think I’ll write another bestseller on the ”Head Stand Diet” which will allow you to only eat while standing on your head. You can eat as much as you like as long as you are on your head. OK so don’t take me seriously I am just kidding.

I personally feel that the blood type diet is a huge hoax. Reading some other views from recognised researchers or doctors, many feel the same. In fact John Robbins in his book, “The Food Revolution” says basing your diet on blood groups, makes as much sense as basing it on eye colour.

Dr T. Colin Campbell, who headed the most comprehensive nutritional research worldwide (The China Study) says that it has no nutritional or scientific basis and goes against what sound long term research has proven.

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