Q & A: Caffeine and Adrenal Fatigue


By Mary-Ann Shearer

The connection between caffeine and adrenal fatigue

Hi Mary-Ann

I am 40 year old overweight woman, who has regular panic and anxiety attacks. I heard that caffeine was the cause of this and so stopped the 7-10 cans of diet cola ( I have been drinking for 27 years), plus 7 cups of coffee with sugar a day.

My panic attacks have worse, and I feel spaced out, unable to concentrate, have terrible headaches, and feel like I am going mad!

It is now a month I have been off all coffee and cola, and her symptoms have grown worse. I can’t even work! 

I have had a brain scan and blood tests done, all are negative. What can I do?

Paula C

Dear Paula

It takes 3-6 months to recover just from the caffeine! Caffeine causes the nerve cells to fire very rapidly and when you remove it the entire nervous system battles to function efficiently. I recommend a gradual removal of caffeine rather that just stopping everything suddenly. With so much caffeine I have seen people take at least 3 months to recover, but in some it can take up to two years. Not a long time if you consider how long these habits have been around.

I suggest you try to reduce coffee to 1-2 cups after 1-2 weeks and then 1 cup a day for 2 weeks and then half decaffeinated coffee and half normal coffee for a few weeks and then you should be able to stop all caffeine. Caffeine is a drug to the central nervous system and aspartame affects the brain, central nervous system and the hormonal system Basically when stopping caffeine suddenly like this, the body has to recover enough to start regulating the hormones that have been affected by the caffeine (and aspartame sweetener in the diet cola). So by reducing the caffeine gradually rather that stopping you allow the body to take up the slack slowly but surely.

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