Healthy Recipes: Chia Pudding


A simple way to make chia pudding. This is a great snack in the afternoon. My 2 little guys beg me for this if they know it is in the fridge.

1 Quart Mason Jar with lid

1/3-2/3 cups Organic Black Chia Seeds (for a thinner pudding use the smaller amount)

Fill the jar with a liquid of your choice, shake it and stir it completely

Leave at room temperature for 1 hours, then chill in the fridge

Liquid options:

Nut or Seed based Milks
Coconut Water (and meat) blended

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I use the remains of almond/coconut/hemp shakes. I will make a whole vita-mix carafe of it, and then have some for a meal, and pour the rest into 1-2 jars.

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