Fighting Breast Cancer: The Natural Way

“In November 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 3 and ‘highly aggressive

After a mastectomy in December 2008, I was told that I needed
· 6 treatments of chemotherapy (3 weeks apart),
· Tamoxifen for 5 years in order to suppress the oestrogen and put me into menopause, and
· Herceptin for a year (17 treatments, 3 weeks apart)

Although I insisted that I did not want to do chemotherapy, I was persuaded by the oncologist, as I was only 47 years old and I had a 7 years old daughter as well as two grown up daughters. A friend tried to persuade me to change to a vegan diet rather than do the chemo, but I was too scared to go against “conventional wisdom”.

The first session of chemotherapy in January 2009 put me to bed for a week. I believed I would die from the chemo before the cancer could take me. In the 2 weeks before I was due to have the next chemotherapy, I prayed and cried and read several books (including Perfect Health The Natural Way) and prayed some more and cried some more. I believe God confirmed to me during this time that I should forego all the recommended drugs, and I started on a strictly vegan, 85 -95% raw diet with fresh vegetable juices and smoothies, plus rest, sunshine, exercise, clean water, early to bed, etc. (I was already on Barley Life). At this time, I signed up to 100 days to health, purely out of interest and for moral support, as I had jumped from day 1 to day 100 overnight.

The past year and a half has been a difficult road as most people do not understand my choice, but I thank God for the support of my husband, who joined me after only 5 days, because what he read made sense to him. I praise God for all those people who prayed for me, and for people who have written books and web pages, etc that has given me the information I needed to persevere. I give God the glory that I am stronger physically than ever before…….no more Candida infections, PMS has disappeared, cellulite has almost gone, strong nails, sleeping through the night. Even my cholesterol has gone up to 4.02! This is the first time in 20 years that my cholesterol has even showed a reading on the finger prick test. I would love for it to increase further, but I am so excited that a healthy lifestyle has done what no amount of animal fats could do.”

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