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As an Optometrist, I have also searched for studies on the natural approach to glaucoma, and found very little. This is the logic that I have applied to the condition:

Glaucoma occurs when the production of fluid in the eye exceeds the drainage. This causes the pressure to build up in the eye, which causes the eye to ‘stretch’, damaging the nerve fibres.

In the absence of physical obstruction to the drainage mechanism, the balance between production and drainage is maintained by the hormonal system.

The logic is thus that a healthy hormonal system will give the best opportunity to maintain ideal pressure in the eye, while a strong ‘globe’ will provide the greatest possibility for warding off damage.

My recommendation
• – Garden Trio – the foundation of all we do, and in the case of the eye, providing a wide range of essential nutrients and antioxidants
• – Aimega / flax oil – to nourish the hormonal system
• – Frame essentials – to maintain integrity of the collagen fibrils that make up the matrix of the ‘globe’ of the eye
• – Avoid gluten – causes deterioration of the collagen fibrils
• – Avoid caffeine – directly causes increase in intra-ocular pressure

I hope this will be helpful


Gordon Burnham-King

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