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Juicing is probably one of the most efficient way to get concentrated nutrients into your body. I do believe it is far superior to supplementation as the nutrients in juice are bonded to a carbon molecule and fully absorbable, yet in supplements, you would be lucky to be able to use 4-10%!

Books have been written on juicing, and as I have no space here, will just give you a list of juices for some common health conditions.

If you do not have a good juicer you can order from Healthmakers who have a range to choose from.

Juicing Troubleshooting chart

Acne – Aloe Vera Gel, Carrot, cucumber, barley grass, wheat grass, papaya, strawberry, mango
Ageing – Aloe Vera Gel, barley grass, wheat grass, watermelon & berries
Anemia – Beet juice, kale, lettuce, parsley, watercress, barley & wheat grass, cherry, grape, lemon, lime, orange & prune
Arthritis – Aloe Vera Gel (stabilized aloe Barbedensis is best), carrot, cucumber, Fennel, Kale, Peppers, barley & wheat grass juice, apple, cherry, watermelon
Asthma – Cabbage, Carrot, Celery, kale, radish, barley & wheat grass, cranberry (aloe berry nectar contains this juice)
Bladder – Aloe Berry Nectar (contains cranberry and apple juice), beet, cabbage, parsley, tomato, water cress, barley & wheat grass, cranberry, melon, pear, watermelon.
Blood pressure (high or low) – Aloe Vera Gel, beet, beet leaves, cabbage, cucumber, spinach, barley grass and wheat grass
Blood sugar(high or low) – Aloe Vera Gel, carrot, spinach, turnip, barley & wheat grass juice.
Cancer – Aloe Vera Gel, asparagus, beet, carrot, kale, parsley, Turnips, barley & wheat grass, grapes, mangoes, berries
Colds & flu – Aloe Berry Nectar, carrots, mango, pineapple, grapefruit, lemon, lime, oranges
Constipation – Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Bits n Peaches, best one is the 98% pure, Cabbage, Celery, Lettuce, spinach, barley & wheatgrass, juice, Cherry, grape, lemon, lime, melon, papaya, peach, prune,
Eczema – Aloe Vera Gel, Cucumber, Radish, carrot, melons
Fluid retention – Cucumber, melons, cranberry, strawberry, watermelon
Gout – Aloe Vera Gel, Asparagus, Celery, Fennel, Fresh tomato, apple, cherry, grape, lemon, lime, pineapple, strawberry
Hair Loss – CDabbage, cucumber, lettuce, red pepper, watercress, wheat & barley grass
Hay Fever- Aloe Vera Gel, Kale, Parsnip, barley & wheat grass juice
Inflammatory bowel disease – Aloe Vera Gel (very anti inflammatory), Cabbage, spinach barley grass & wheat grass
Lungs – Aloe Berry Nectar, Turnips and turnip greens, barley & wheat grass juice, pineapple
Skin disorders – Aloe Vera Gel, carrot, Asparagus, beet, & greens, carrot, parsley, String bean, fresh tomato, Turnip, water cress, barley & wheat grass

You can drink these one at a time or mix them and get well and stay well. Juices are living foods and concentrated nutrients and ideal for times you do not have an appetite or are not feeling well.


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