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Health A-Z Archives: SARS

Right now there is a lot of panic over the SARS virus and people are running around in a state canceling flights and generally just feeling frightened.  Firstly there is nothing to be frightened of once you know the facts. As far as virologists have established, you need to literally be face to face with […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Vaccinations

This article was sent to you from, who uses Reuters Mobile Site to get news and information on the go. To access Reuters on your mobile phone, go to: FDA: Glaxo, Merck vaccines OK despite pig virus Friday, May 14, 2010 6:34PM UTC WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Rotavirus vaccines made by GlaxoSmithKline Plc and Merck & […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Sports Drinks

The enormous financial rewards generated by various sports disciplines have created a market for specialized foods ‘guaranteed’ to enhance physical performance within the legal limits. Now what about sports or energy drinks?  Personally, I would not recommend that you give them to your child.  To show you why, I have given you a breakdown of […]

The NAtural Way with Mary-Ann Shearer

The Natural Way Interviews: Jim and Merrily Bright

    Sign up now for the 100 Days to Health program! You get 100 daily emails full of natural health information, health tips, and healthy recipes to help change your life. We help you take small steps and begin integrating The 5 Basic Steps of Natural Health,  based on The Natural Way, 30+ years of […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Nail in the Coffin of Big Medicine

by Lynn McTaggart Every so often something happens that restores my faith in the power of the truth. This rarely happens when it comes to health care. Modern medicine is one of the big, dangerous monoliths of our time, a stark symbol of the competitive mindset and the industrial age – the triumph of the […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Alcoholism, Hypoglycemia & Diet

It is estimated that 50% of people in most western countries suffer from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, where people have easy access to refined cane sugar (sucrose). Refined cane sugar upset the blood sugar and this in turn can upset the entire endocrine system. When your blood sugar is low you will crave sugar […]

Density: Nutrient vs. Calorie

A fundamental categorization of food products is their placement on a spectrum between Nutrient Density (ND) and Calorie Density (CD). It most every case, there is an inverse relationship between the two. As foods become more calorie dense, they normally become less nutrient dense. Dr Joel Furhman has done an incredible job of collecting data […]

How to Sign Up for AIM Membership

If you wish to get wholesale prices and/or start your own business you have 2 choices. AIM membership gives you significant costs on AIM nutritional products, even allowing you to build your own business if you like: Contact Us and we will coordinate with you and help you sign up Or Sign up yourself   […]

Spartan Race Training: James Olmos Interview #2

This is a quick conversation I had with James Olmos regarding the details about his first time using RedRush in his spartan race training. This race is a special one, which we wrote about in a previous article. Jim is on the road, but we dialed in and did a quick recording to hear more about what he […]

a real tough mudder

This video is from last year when our spartan racer recorded his experience. I had seen the Spartan Race one, but I didnt realize he had also recorded a Tough Mudder. Jim has just finished his first spartan race of 2015, beating his time by more than half! We are looking forward to another interview post […]

Interview: James Olmos Post Spartan Sprint

We talked with James Olmos about his experience at the Spartan Sprint race in January in Temecula California. This race is a special event for James as it is the anniversary of his first Spartan Race, and his goal was to complete it in 90 minutes. Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is growing fast. There is also […]