How to Sign Up for AIM Membership

If you wish to get wholesale prices and/or start your own business you have 2 choices. AIM membership gives you significant costs on AIM nutritional products, even allowing you to build your own business if you like:

  1. Contact Us and we will coordinate with you and help you sign up


  1. Sign up yourself


Sign Up for AIM Yourself

Step 1  Click Here to open up the correct webpage

It should look like this


Pick your specific country (In this case United States)


While you certainly should review the member income plan, it can seem quite complex as most of it is structured about growth. Feel free to Contact Us and we can help you understand it if it seems overwhelming.

When you are ready pressing the AIM Member button will bring up this page


Fill out your information and press Step 2. The next page to come up will look like this


In some cases it will bring up an intermediate step asking you to qualify your address. Once you complete this step you will see the following page



The membership will NOT be active until you place a qualifying order of at least $100 or more. We find AIM’s prices on shipping are so good that you arent forced to order more than you really need in general, however the first order needs to be more than $100 to get started.

You will be enrolled “under” our membership, which will shortly be changed to The 25 Group, LLC. We are your “sponsors” in the AIM organization, and we will be happy to help you with your AIM account, as well as helping you build out an AIM business if you wish. You are under NO OBLIGATION to make this more than a simple membership to help you get the best discounts possible.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.


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