Interview: James Olmos Post Spartan Sprint

We talked with James Olmos about his experience at the Spartan Sprint race in January in Temecula California. This race is a special event for James as it is the anniversary of his first Spartan Race, and his goal was to complete it in 90 minutes.

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is growing fast. There is also an ever expanding segment that is female.

“The three most popular races—Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, and Warrior Dash—have gained such a following that not only have their attendance rates far surpassed marathon and triathlon numbers” From The Messy, Rapid Rise of Obstacle Course Racing

These races have approachable versions where teams and families can participate, as well as tough, incredibly grueling versions lasting hours. But the ethos of these races seems to be more about the showing up, the camaraderie, and the finishing. Its pushing yourself past your comfort (And staying there!)

Here is our free form interview with Jim about his great race results. Originally we thought Jim was cutting his time in half, however we were wrong. However, he actually cut his time by close to 30 minutes, which honestly is an amazing feat itself.

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Taken from the Red Rush Blog

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Red Rush

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Nitric Oxide Cocoa Leafy Greens

CoCoa LeafGreens

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