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By Mary-Ann Shearer


AIM-Renewed-Balance-Natural-Progesterone-creamWhen I was first approached on my thoughts about natural progesterone cream (Aim’s Renewed Balance) many years ago, I actually burst out laughing and thought the person was pulling my leg. I was very skeptical at first (as I always am) and thought the whole idea was just a gimmick. I then tried the cream out even though I had no hormonal problems at the time and used a quarter tsp of cream applied to the soft portion of my skin, convinced that nothing would happen. Well for the first time in my life my period was delayed (other than the 3 times I was pregnant!) and only arrived when I discontinued the cream. That showed me in no uncertain terms just how powerful this stuff was.

I have since seen and heard testimonies from women and men (for weight issues and depression) of how this product has turned people’s lives around. Many have found they have been able to conceive, have sorted out their endometriosis, heavy and painful periods, skin problems etc. Then just this week some new researched arrived on my desk and I have include it for you to read and make up your mind….

“Topical Progesterone Cream Does Not Increase Thrombotic and Inflammatory Factors in Postmenopausal Women. Session Type: Publication Only”

Blood, Volume 104, issue 11, November 16, 2004.

Postmenopausal women have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and heart disease is the leading cause of death in postmenopausal American women. Conventional hormone replacement therapy has been shown to result in an increase in thrombotic events in large prospective clinical trials including HERS I, and the recently halted Women’s Health Initiative.

One possible mechanism for this observed increase is the unfavorable net effects of conjugated equine (from pregnant mares which is where most HRT is derived) estrogens and medroxyprogesterone acetate on the hemostatic balance and inflammatory factors. An estimated 50 million American women are peri or postmenopausal and clinical therapies for menopausal symptoms remain a significant challenge in light of the known thrombotic risks. (In other words more prone to thrombosis)

In this prospective blinded study, we examined the short-term effect of topical (applied external) progesterone cream on menopausal symptom relief in 30 healthy postmenopausal women. Potential adverse effects of topical progesterone on hemostatic and inflammatory factors and cortisol levels were also examined. Subjects were randomized to first receive either 20 mg of topical progesterone cream or placebo (looks like the real thing but is a fake) cream for 4 weeks.

Following a subsequent 4-week washout period, subjects were crossed over to either placebo cream or active drug for an additional 4-week period. In each case, progesterone and cortisol levels were monitored by salivary sampling. Baseline values, 4-week follow-up values and end-of-study values were also obtained for the Greene Climacteric Scale, total factor VII:C, factor VIIa, factor V, fibrinogen, antithrombin, PAI-1, CRP, TNFá, and IL-.

For subjects receiving 20 mg of topical progesterone cream for 4 weeks, Greene Climacteric Scale scores were consistently and significantly improved (decreased) over baseline, demonstrating significant relief from menopausal symptoms.

In addition, in a subpopulation of hypercortisolemic women, topical progesterone was associated with a favorable decrease in nocturnal cortisol. Surprisingly, and in sharp contrast to earlier studies with conventional hormone replacement therapy, topical progesterone had no effect on any of the hemostatic components examined: total factor VII:C, factor VIIa, factor V, fibrinogen, antithrombin, and PAI-1 levels were all unchanged. Levels of CRP, TNFá and IL-6 also remained unchanged. In other words no side effects were detected

From this study we conclude that administration of topical progesterone cream at a daily dose of 20 mg significantly relieves menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal women without adversely altering prothrombotic potential. Since the thrombotic complications that are typically observed with conventional hormone replacement therapy do not seem to occur with topical progesterone, this treatment should be seriously considered as an effective and safe alternative clinical therapy for women suffering from menopausal symptoms.

Wetzel W. Micronized progesterone: a new option for women’s health care. Nurse Pract 1999 May;24(5):62-6, 71, 75-6. This paper discusses the use of micronized progesterone as a safe, effective, and well-tolerated therapy and reviews indications for use. It also includes case studies and issues of patient compliance and the need for an individualized treatment plan for women receiving hormone therapy.

What this means is that using natural Progesterone cream will help you through menopause and premenopause without any side effects like weight gain, continuing periods, heavier periods, vaginal discharge, fluid retention and breast tenderness. Aim makes one of the best natural Progesterone creams available, which has been formulated correctly for maximum benefit. For more on how diet and lifestyle affects hormones, read the chapter on “Happy Hormones” in my book “Perfect Weight”

Before the Women’s Health Initiative report came out women who have a family history of cardiovascular disease were advised to take HRT. Conversely women with a history of breast, ovarian or uterine cancer were not advised to take HRT.

Scientists at Cancer Research UK have determined that six out of 1 000 healthy women in their 50s will develop breast cancer, a stroke or a pulmonary blood clot which they would otherwise not have developed if they hadn’t been on HRT therapy.

For women in their 60s, the risk increases to 6.5 out of 1000. A recent study from the Women’s Health Initiative hammers yet another nail into the developing HRT coffin. That study found that HRT is linked to a 29% increase in heart attacks and other cardiovascular conditions – an unexpected contradiction of the reigning belief that HRT protects against heart disease.

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