By Mary-Ann Shearer

What is a Parasite?

It is an opportunistic organism that survives off the host. Very often their affect on the body goes unnoticed. Internal parasites, such as worms, take the nutrition from our food intended for us. This leaves us wide open to other illnesses. If you are feeling generally run down or have any of the symptoms below, this is the time to consider anti parasitical treatment. Some doctors estimate that over 90% of people suffer from parasite infestation.

These parasites can be in the form

  • tapeworm – usually from eating animal flesh
  • hook worm  – from soil or sand (so wash even organically grown produce)
  • pin worm – from not washing your hands and touching  almost anything
  • flukes and a host of other lesser known parasites which are estimated to number over 400!.

How can Parasites harm you?

  • Destroy cells faster than new cells can be regenerated this will contribute to premature ageing and cancer
  • Produce toxic waste products
  • Irritate body tissue
  • Invade body tissue, including skin and intestinal lining
  • Put pressure of internal organs
  • Depress immune system function while activating Immune system response, thereby contributing to auto Immune diseases such as Lupus, arthritis and Multiple sclerosis etc.
  • Cause nutrient malabsorption, thus contributing to eating disorders and nutritional deficiencies.

How do you know you have Parasites?

Signs of parasites can be diarrhea, hunger pains (gnawing feeling), appetite that is too healthy or no appetite, weight loss or weight gain, (here I suggest that if you have any weight problem that you get rid of any parasites while you alter your diet and lifestyle) anemia, rectal itching especially at night, tooth grinding, nose picking, bloating and gas (even after you have changed your diet and are properly combining), nausea, fever, rash, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, joint and muscle pain, bad breath, fluid retention (this will also affect your weight as well), allergies and food sensitivities, sugar cravings, mental confusion, fatigue or tiredness), foul smelling stools,  heartburn, headaches, bed wetting, nervousness, sleep disturbances. All this indicates that your Immune and endocrine system is being affected and who knows the long term effects parasites have on the body.

What can you do to get rid of Parasites?

Try to include some of the following foods on a regular basis, they help control parasite infestations; raw carrots, fresh and dried figs, parsley, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds or tahini.

There is a variety of medication available from pharmacies, but they do not get rid of all parasites such as flukes and usually have some side effects. The safest approach is with a combination of herbs. The best herbs are those such as American wormseed, Black walnut hulls, Boldo leaves, Butternut bark, clove, cramp bark, garlic, grapefruit seed, Kamala, Male Fern Root, Neem, Peppermint, Pumpkin seed, Sweet Annie, Thyme and White Oak bark,these are all found in Aim’s Para 90. I do however suggest taking Aim’s Herbal Fibre Blend  (1 heaped tsp twice daily for a month at least) as this will help clear the digestive tract of old fecal matter and some of the herbs in HFB will also rid you of some parasites, thus making it quicker and easier when you take Para 90.

You will know the product is working if you feel a ‘pokey’ feeling in your abdomen, or your skin itches or feels ‘crawly’. Headaches, excess mucous, nausea and extreme tiredness are other symptoms. You may also experience more frequent bowel movements, looser stools and increased urination. Some people even feel pain in the liver area.

I also suggest taking a probiotic such as Florafood after taking Para 90 to recolonize the intestinal bacteria. Some people also feel they benefit more by continuing to take Herbal Fibre blend with the Para 90

Pregnant and breast feeding women should avoid Para 90 as the parasites can emerge in some strange places, also some people experience severe stomach cramps as the parasites dislodge. People with colon problems should consult a doctor. It is safe to use from the age of 3 upwards. You should aim to cleanse yourself of parasites about once a year.

In the Kitchen with Mary Ann: Recipes to combat Parasites!

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