Natural Health Success Stories: Sinus Relief

Simple Changes = Sinus Relief!

 “For many months my daughter battled with her nose and sinus only at night. It would block up just a couple of hours into the night and bother her for most part of the night. I would then set up an oil burner with Eucalyptus oil, which seemed to make a small difference. Our family did not get much sleep when this happened as it was very disruptive and irritated my daughter until she cried from frustration.

Then on reading your book Perfect Health: The Natural Way you mentioned leaving a window open at night for fresh air. We started doing this in the middle of winter and I was a little apprehensive because of the cold. I added an extra blanket and was amazed at the results. My daughter has not had a blocked nose for the last 2 months and we are all reaping the rewards of a good nights sleep. I have heard of adenoids being removed? We are not prepared to go that route… The open window works well! Thanks for the great advise…”


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