Sleep might be the new vitamin


By Mary-Ann Shearer

Is Sleep a new vitamin?

“I’d like to challenge you to think about rest as if it were a newly discovered vitamin, let’s call it vitamin R. In this hypothetical situation, we can now forget about whether or not we have time to rest. After all, every one of rest’s advantages can be obtained from taking a pill. Let us now look at this amazing “vitamin” and see if you want to include it as part of your daily program.”

Sleep needs vary with our genetics. Dr. James Perl, a Ph.D. psychologist and sleep expert, points out that about 20 percent of the population genetically needs less than six hours per night. He also observes that 10 percent of our populace genetically needs more than nine hours per night

“Just as the body has a natural daily clock (circadian rhythm), it also has a weekly clock (circa-septan rhythm). Circa-septan rhythms are just that: body rhythms that run about seven days in length. Medical research has demonstrated such rhythms in connection with a variety of physiological functions. Some that have been identified included heart rate, suicides, natural hormones in human breast milk, swelling after surgery, and rejection of transplanted organs. To understand the significance of these rhythms, consider the latter two items in the list. A person will tend to have an increase in swelling on the seventh and then the fourteenth day after surgery. Similarly, a person with a kidney transplant is more likely to reject the organ seven days and then fourteen days after the surgery. Research on circa-septan rhythms continues and new relationships are continually being discovered. There are seven-day rhythms that have been observed in both human and animal cancers and their response to treatment. Fibrinogen, a blood-clotting compound that has been demonstrated to increase the risk of heart attack, has now also been observed to have a seven-day rhythm. Further work has shown that in addition to inflammatory responses operating on a circa-septan rhythm, so do the drugs that we often use to treat them.”

Neil Nedley, M.D., taken from his book Proof Positive

Focus on what you can do; not on what you cannot, educate yourself in all these areas, and just do it.

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