Spartan Race Training: James Olmos Interview #2

This is a quick conversation I had with James Olmos regarding the details about his first time using RedRush in his spartan race training. This race is a special one, which we wrote about in a previous article. Jim is on the road, but we dialed in and did a quick recording to hear more about what he had shared about his amazing breakthrough….

Here is a little of what we wrote:

Jim tried out a basic version with RediBeets 2 hours before his workout, and then RedRush at the start of his workout.  The theory here is making sure you have Nitric Oxide primed at the start, and a follow up dose kicking in over the next few hours. He had quite a result!

You can see Jims Instagram post here and follow him, or read below:

Top Of Dreaded Hill, Whiting Ranch

Shaved about 4 minutes off my run! Last trail run: 5.6 ml @ 58 min. This run 5.6 ml @ 54 min!!!#redrush kicks in when you hit a “wall” during high performance.

I fell back on and trusted the #redrush claim and it proved effective! There’s a very steep hill on this particular run and my average pace (up the hill) is around 13.06 min/ml. This run was 11.47!

I was able to push myself past the “wall” THEN keep on going! I didn’t stop and rest at the top; I kept running up another hill with less incline and pushed through #feelingstrong

I took #redibeets two hours before my run and then the Red Rush at the start of my run.

I hope to #blog more about my interaction with this product but for now I’m pumped with the results. My blog site is if you want to read about my Spartan Race adventures.

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