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The Natural Way Interviews: Pamela

This remarkable story about how many problems are truly related to diet and lifestyle. Pamela suffered with several different autoimmune disorders with no help from several expensive medications.     Sign up now for the 100 Days to Health program! You get 100 daily emails full of natural health information, health tips, and healthy recipes to […]

Nitric Oxide Process

How does your body extract Nitric Oxide from food?

HOW dietary nitrate works is quite a trip. It is so effective, its almost hard to believe. What it really points to is that a plant based diet is very powerful for athletic (let alone health) performance. However getting enough can be a little hard at times and supplementation (specifically concentrated supplementation) will help dramatically. […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Homocysteine

By Mary-Ann Shearer What is homocysteine (HC)? Homocysteine (say: “ho-mo-sist-een”)  is an amino acid (a building block of protein) that is produced in the human body from an essential amino acid called Methionine. Homocysteine is classed as an ‘unnatural ‘amino acid in the sense that it does not occur in food. How is a high […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin from Un-Healthy Skin Medications? There are more than 500,000 different prescription medications sold via pharmacists in the U.S. and other countries. The FDA indicate that Accutane/Roaccutane is number 4 on the FDA top ten list of medications attracting serious adverse reaction reports and is number 5 on the FDA top ten list of […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Immune System

By Mary-Ann Shearer Building your Immune System I believe that one of the best ways to build your Immune system is through a natural diet. We seem to understand that to have healthy plants in our gardens like rose bushes and vegetables, we need to feed the soil with compost, manure, bone meal etc. A […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Hormone Replacement Therapy

By Mary-Ann Shearer Is Hormone Replacement Therapy good for your health? Hormone Replacement Therapy – some new thoughts about hot flashes and things By Lynne Peeples NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – If you’re considering starting hormone treatments to ease the hot and bothersome symptoms of menopause, keep in mind that you could suffer even more if you […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Heart Disease

According to national statistics the No 1 cause of death in South Africa and the Western World is HEART DISEASE. According to Udo Erasmus, “These deaths are the result of EATING HABITS BASED ON IGNORANCE AND MISCONCEPTIONS.” Scripture tells us “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6 All current research indicates clearly that heart […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Gluten Intolerance & Celiac Disease

Celiac disease, an autoimmune disease of the gut, may be more common than previously thought, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine June 19, 2003. Celiac disease is a classic example of food sensitivity. It is caused by an immune response to gluten (the protein portion), found in WHEAT, OATS, RYE […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Green Tea

Green tea is the same plant as ‘black tea’ known as Camellia Sinensis. Green tea has been used for stomach disorders, vomiting, diarrhea, to prevent dental cavities, to lower cholesterol levels, as an antioxidant, to reduce cancer, and as a stimulant. Green tea has not been evaluated by the FDA for safety, effectiveness, or purity. All […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Coral Calcium

Coral calcium is basically a supplement (under many different brands) that is being marketed by some as the miracle cure for all and every disease. The Quest for Alkalinity The idea being that as calcium is a high alkaline mineral it helps to regulate the pH of the body. It is a well-known fact that […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Flaxseed oil or Fish oil

FLAXOIL vs FISHOIL There has recently been a rumour that flax oil can cause prostate cancer or inflammation and it has had many people in a tizz. So I have spent some hours investigating where this rumour started and it seems to come from a ‘doctor’ Newstaedter, who calls himself a doctor of homeopathy, acupuncture […]


Antioxidants, Disease and Free Radicals

By Mary-Ann Shearer The Modern Lifestyle is anti- antioxidants Despite the technological advances of the modern era, and the reams of scientific research which demonstrates the link between lifestyle and disease, humans continue to lead more and more damaging lifestyles. We are exposed either directly, or indirectly, to incredible amounts of environmental pollution (think tobacco smoke. […]


Health A-Z Archives: Quinoa

By Mary-Ann Shearer Keeeeennnn whaaaaaat? First is how to pronounce the word Quinoa? Well according to Merriam-Webster, the primary pronunciation is with two syllables with the accent on the first ( /ˈkiːnwɑː/ keen-wah). It may also be pronounced with three syllables, with the stress on either the first syllable ( /ˈkiːnoʊ.ə/ kee-noh-ə) or on the […]


Mary-Ann’s Top 10: Beets

By Mary-Ann Shearer Drinking beet juice daily can increase your stamina by 16%. A University of Exeter (U-E) led study shows for the first time how nitrate in beetroot juice leads to a reduction in oxygen uptake, therefore making exercise less tiring Beetroot juice also aids in reducing your blood pressure.


Concentrated Foods: Spirulina vs. Barley

By Mary-Ann Shearer What is Spirulina? There appears to be a lot of confusion about this product. Some books (Chlorella by William H Lee & Michael Rosenbaum – edited by Richard Passwater) say that “spirulina is a multi-cell, spiral shaped plant that grows in salt water or brackish water” and Dr Michael Sharon in his […]


AIM Membership and Products

The benefits of signing up for AIM membership The reality is that using AIM products promote health in a way no other products seem able to replicate. Highly nutrient dense food, grown organically, harvested optimally, and processed quickly isnt easy, or common. They have perfected it. Many people who love their products benefit significantly from AIM […]


Shearer’s Green Barley Juice Detox

By Mary-Ann Shearer This is a sidebar from a 2013 newsletter from The Natural Way. Green Barley Juice Detox: DO NOT GIVE UP CONTINUE! IT IS WORTH IT. 16 years ago, when we started drinking barley grass juice, Mark was nauseous for 2 days, I got sinus/flu symptoms for 2 days and woke up feeling […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Flaxseed Oil

(picture from By Mary-Ann Shearer History of Flax and Flaxseed Oil Flax was originally grown both for its fibre, which was woven into linen, and for its seeds and oil, which provide a wide array of essential nutrients. References to the healing properties of flax are found in Greek and Roman writings dating to around […]

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Fighting Breast Cancer: The Natural Way

“In November 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 3 and ‘highly aggressive After a mastectomy in December 2008, I was told that I needed · 6 treatments of chemotherapy (3 weeks apart), · Tamoxifen for 5 years in order to suppress the oestrogen and put me into menopause, and · Herceptin for a […]

Human Intestines

Bloating, Flatulence, IBS, Spastic Colon

By Mary-Ann Shearer Bloating, gas, flatulence and spastic colon are basically all the same thing; excess gas trapped in some part of the digestive tract, usually the small or large intestine resulting in distension, discomfort and sometimes even pain. This can be caused by: Eating too fast; especially foods high in concentrated carbohydrates. Chewing well […]