The NAtural Way with Mary-Ann Shearer

The Natural Way Interviews: Pamela

This remarkable story about how many problems are truly related to diet and lifestyle. Pamela suffered with several different autoimmune disorders with no help from several expensive medications.     Sign up now for the 100 Days to Health program! You get 100 daily emails full of natural health information, health tips, and healthy recipes to […]

Human Intestines

Bloating, Flatulence, IBS, Spastic Colon

By Mary-Ann Shearer Bloating, gas, flatulence and spastic colon are basically all the same thing; excess gas trapped in some part of the digestive tract, usually the small or large intestine resulting in distension, discomfort and sometimes even pain. This can be caused by: Eating too fast; especially foods high in concentrated carbohydrates. Chewing well […]