Spartan Race Training: James Olmos Interview #2

This is a quick conversation I had with James Olmos regarding the details about his first time using RedRush in his spartan race training. This race is a special one, which we wrote about in a previous article. Jim is on the road, but we dialed in and did a quick recording to hear more about what he […]

a real tough mudder

This video is from last year when our spartan racer recorded his experience. I had seen the Spartan Race one, but I didnt realize he had also recorded a Tough Mudder. Jim has just finished his first spartan race of 2015, beating his time by more than half! We are looking forward to another interview post […]

Interview: James Olmos Post Spartan Sprint

We talked with James Olmos about his experience at the Spartan Sprint race in January in Temecula California. This race is a special event for James as it is the anniversary of his first Spartan Race, and his goal was to complete it in 90 minutes. Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is growing fast. There is also […]