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Health A-Z Archives: Childhood Obesity

By Mary-Ann Shearer CHILDHOOD OBESITY STATISTICS American children are getting fatter at an alarming rate, with the percentage of significantly overweight black and Hispanic youngsters more than doubling over 12 years and climbing 50 percent among whites. By 1998, nearly 22 percent of black children ages 4 to 12 were overweight, as were 22 percent […]


7 Steps to Breaking Food Cravings

By Mary-Ann Shearer Tired of feeling like food has an uncontrollable hold on your life? Wondering whether you really could live without chocolate, cheese, sugar, or meat? Here’s a list of tips to help you free yourself from unhealthy food cravings: Step 1  Start with a good breakfast. Cutting hunger is the first step in […]

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Health A-Z Archives: Junk Food

JUNK FOOD MAY BE AS ADDICTIVE AS HEROIN Health By Andrew Donaldson Junk food companies may face massive multimillion-dollar class action lawsuits, following several new research findings, which indicate their products could be as addictive as tobacco or heroin. Research suggests that junk food high in fat or sugar can cause changes in the brain […]