By Mary-Ann Shearer Go Bananas, it’s good for your health! When asked by a medical doctor, what, in his opinion, was the healthiest food to eat, Dr. Louis Meiring (a chemical pathologist) answered, “a ripe banana”. Dr. Meiring maintains that ripe bananas leave the best chemical residue and balance in the blood stream. Firstly what […]



By Mary-Ann Shearer The many health benefits of eating Avocados With the emphasis on low fat diets to avoid heart disease, cancer and diabetes, natural unprocessed fats in the diet have been thrown out with the bath water, so to speak. Avocados are a great source of natural, unprocessed fats. Good Fats are needed by […]


Almonds are a Nutrition Powerhouse

By Mary-Ann Shearer Go Nuts… Almonds are GREAT! Almonds are the fruit of the Almond tree. They are in the rose family and related to peaches and apricots. Almonds are the only nuts that are alkaline in the blood stream once eaten. It is very high in alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Almonds […]


A is for apple  –  plenty of them

By Mary-Ann Shearer The old adage of “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” has never been more true than today. With all the latest research pointing to the importance of fruit and vegetables to avoid the “BIG 3” killers (heart disease, diabetes and cancer) the World Health Organisation has now concluded that to […]