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small changes mean Big Results!
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Countdown to 100 Days to Health


So let’s get you ready…

  1. Make sure you have a good supply of fresh fruit and vegetables that you enjoy eating.
  2. Have you ordered our recommended products? This complete package results in the most dramatic improvements in your health.These are not required, just VERY helpful. If you are on a tight budget and cant afford all the products, we suggest you at least get the book Perfect Health, and the BarleyLife product. If you cant, its more important to get going and make the changes the program suggests. You will still see your health improve!
  3. Begin reading our book “Perfect Health – The Natural Way” by Mary-Ann & Mark Shearer. This will help you stay informed as to why we suggest the changes, and what improvements you can expect. We recommend reading the chapters we suggest on a weekly basis, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with information.
  4. We have 3 seasonings in the starter pack to help make your food taste delicious. They are the seasonings we use in our home every day and they save us time and money. Of course you can use your own seasonings!

    Mary-Ann's Herb SaltHerb salt – a combination of 7 natural herbs and hand harvested sea salt from the West Coast of South Africa. Use on anything, great combined with Extra Virgin Olive oil on salads, in soups, on fish, potatoes, rice anything!!
    garilcmlGarlic & Herb salt – a combination of herbs and gentle garlic to flavour Mediterranean recipes, with hand harvested sea salt.

    sssmlSeasoning salt – a combination of herbs, hand harvested sea salt, pepper, and spices, great for barbecues, mushrooms, spinach, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower dishes.

  5. The starter pack includes 3 concentrated nutrition products that will help you see results quicker and more dramatically. You can still do the whole program without them, however we see more improvement with them. 

    3 Helpers

    HFB-capsHerbal Fiberblend – is a completely natural combination of herbs and plants that will help improve overall digestion, get rid of many parasites, correct constipation and diarrhea and improve the absorption of your nutrients. You begin taking this week 1.

    AIMegaAimega - is a combination of essential fatty acids from plant sources. It contains no cholesterol, is from an organic unheated source unlike the oils from fish oil, which become highly carcinogenic.These fats are essential for every function including the endocrine system (hormone), skin, hair nails, digestion, immune function, sleep, muscle tone, energy, etc., etc., etc. You begin taking this week 2.

    Read why Mary-Ann recommends AimMega so often here…

    BarleyLife-capsulesBarleyLife – is the dried juice of sprouted baby barley grass. It is harvested at 15cm (when it is most nutritious), the juice is extracted and spray dried at room temperature. In this natural and organic form, we have found it to be extremely beneficial to everyone, including pregnant and breastfeeding moms, children, the elderly, sports people and active people of all ages. BarleyLife contains 22 times more usable calcium than cows milk, is an excellent source of iron and helps maintain the correct alkaline balance for excellent health, including strong bones and teeth. You begin taking this week 3.

    For a list of articles mentioning and using BarleyLife click here…


You can order these products from our online store, where you will be able to order at a discounted price if you order all the products at the same time – see 100 days Starter Pack

Either way you go, making these small changes over time will result in improvements in your health. 

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